There’s nothing like booting up your gaming console or opening up a game on your phone after a proper smoke session. There’s only one problem, there are too many options and not enough time to try them all. Don’t worry, we’ve tried plenty, and today we’re going to give you the best video games to play while stoned so you can enjoy yourself after toking on your favorite flowers, concentrates, or carts.

God Of War:

If you love an amazing story-driven experience and you have a Playstation 5 or a gaming PC ready to go, God of War is the first game to load up when the effects kick in. This game features non-stop action, a masterfully crafted world, and characters that feel real from the moment they’re introduced. Here’s a brief overview. After becoming the God of War and destroying Olympus, Kratos is forced to retreat to the cold north where he faces off against the Nordic gods. In the first installment, you’ll face off against Baulder after he ransacks your home, threatens your family, and tries to stand between you and a proper funeral for your late wife. In the second game in the series you will be immediately greeted by an enraged Freya, a battle hungry Thor, and a deceptive Odin, all ready to bring you to your end. If you haven’t tried it out, or you’ve been debating on whether it’s worth your hard-earned money, we recommend this above almost any other action game on the market.

Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go is an excellent excuse to get outside and catch up on your steps while exploring your city, nature, or anywhere you happen to find yourself on your stoney walks. You might not be a fan of Pokemon, but don’t let that stop you from trying out one of the most popular mobile games since Candy Crush. Pokemon has been a beloved franchise since its launch in the 1990’s, but Pokemon Go shakes up the formula and makes it accessible for anybody in any age group. The concept is simple: follow the map on your phone to capture new Pokemon, find Poke stops to restock on supplies, fight gym leaders to claim territory for your faction, and repeat indefinitely, or until you’ve smoked your cart dry and need to take a break to reup. This game is a collector’s dream, and even if you’re not a fan of the outdoors you’ll find Pokemon Go to be a great excuse to get up off your couch and get to stepping.

Among Us:

We’ve all had this problem. It’s Friday night, you’ve got five of your best friends in the living room passing around your favorite strain, but you guys have no idea what to do. Among Us is the best solution if you feel like spending a few hours laughing while trying to solve the classic who-done-it. Among Us is available on your phone, your iPad, your computer, and at this point it will make its way to your air fryer very soon. The premise and gameplay is incredibly simple and you’ll figure it out in a matter of minutes. Depending on the number of players, one to two will be labeled as the killer while the remaining players solve puzzles to get the spaceship running to try and escape. The killers will traverse the map waiting for the perfect opportunity to hit their mark, and once a body has been discovered or a clue has been found the players will call a meeting to vote on who they believe the killer may be. There’s one twist: the killers are in on the meeting and ready to deceive their future victims to make it through to the next round and continue their rampage. While it might sound serious you’ll find endless laughter while trying to solve the mystery, and if you’re the killer and manage to get away with it you’ll be rubbing your win in their faces.

A Little To The Left

Chances are you’re a puzzle lover like me and if that’s the case you should try out A Little To The Left ASAP. You may not want something intensive after your evening smoke session and this game is perfect for a relaxing experience while also satisfying your creative brain. The puzzles range from organizing a bedroom all the way to lining up doodles on a sticky note to create a complete image. The best part is there isn’t just one solution for the puzzles, most will have multiple solutions that encourage you to replay each level until you’ve found them all. One of our favorite aspects of A Little To The Left is the daily challenges and levels sent directly to you. This helps keep the game fresh and gives you a reason to keep coming back for more. This isn’t a puzzle game that will melt your mind, it’s made for something you can pick up and put down anywhere you are. Let us know what your favorite games are and don’t forget to check out our store if you’re looking for high-quality carts, concentrates, edibles, or disposables for a great price.

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