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We are pleased to announce our latest offerings, featuring some of the most potent blends available on the market! Sit back, unwind, and experience an extremely heightened state of relaxation. Our Starship blend, which is 2% HHC-P, 3% THC-P and 10% THC-V. We also have our 5% HHC-P, and a 6% THC-P which packs a very serious punch. These are meticulously crafted to ensure an unparalleled experience. Our company takes great pride in presenting our newly developed custom terpene blends, characterized by their wild dankness. We believe that these blends represent a significant milestone in our commitment to quality, and know that everyone will find immense satisfaction in these carefully curated formulas.

Why Choose Mako Hemp Co?

At Mako Hemp Co., we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality THC & CBD carts, disposables, dabs, edibles, and tinctures available on the market today.